A Bad Wrap Wrecked My Ad

A bad wrap wrecked my business van advertising!

You’ve decided to put graphics on your company van.  Let me share with you how to create a wrap that will wreck your van.  Okay, come along with me as I use a little humor to learn what to avoid in a wrap design.

First, use as much text as you can.  Too much text will wreck the effectiveness of your wrap. Unlike a good vehicle wrap which only uses a few basic elements such as a company name, contact information and logo try to use lengthy texts and bullet points which won’t be seen or read.

Next, make it illegible.  If your van is parked downtown then you’ll want someone from the third floor of an office building to have trouble seeing the text.  Unlike a good wrap which will have the viewer understanding the message in seconds you can ‘ wreck your van’ by  avoiding this.

Avoid grabbing their attention! A wrecked wrap won’t to stand out at all If people don’t pay attention.  People will never remember your company’s name and contact details when it is grabbing their attention.  I advise you not to be bold or different to avoid attention so that your  wrecked wrap won’t make your van stand out among the traffic.

Proceeding, avoid your own branding.  Just spend the money first without considering you branding style.  Don’t consider the images and theme of your company at all.  Period!  Just go for it, spend the money and avoid broadcasting  specific branding that you’ve developed for your business.  For example to wreck s  McDonald’s van they shouldn’t have their famous arches anywhere on it.

Next,  don’t consider the roof.  Why would you want business people in the tall buildings looking down on the road to see your message?

My suggestion to wreck your van would be to never consider keeping it simple because simple works so well.

Van graphics may last five years so wreck it well with these suggestions. Otherwise contact Dunbar Printing and Graphics:  Give us a call-we install.

Written by Aaron L Mills