Dunbar Printing and Graphics will help deliver your marketing campaign onto your company vehicle.  Our products are created from premium 3M products, the best in vinyl material in the industry, will be printed and installed by our certified graphics tech.

We consider a vehicle graphics as ‘The best five year marketing plan’ for any business small to large that will be easy on your budget.  Consider the amount of expense five years of marketing will cost a business advertising on billboards, radio, television and magazines.

Vehicle graphics R.O.I. (return on investment) does out perform most other advertising mediums such as billboards.   You’ll pay more for one year or less of billboard advertising than your vehicle graphics.   In addition, billboard advertising is static unlike your vehicle which will be seen around town or anywhere you travel giving you more diverse viewers than most static billboard signs.  We even print vehicle door magnets too.

To have graphics installed on your vehicle begins by calling a speaking to one of our sales or customer service representatives.  The install will take place at our Dunbar, West Virginia location.

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