Welcome to Dunbar Printing & Graphics, LLC

William Hackworth~1958

Located in the heart of West Virginia, we are a printing company that produces big results.  Founded in 1958 by William Hackworth as a small business with roots as a family operated print shop.  Today, we have grown beyond the image of a small shop and is owned and operated by the third generation of the same family.  Jeannie Mills, grand daughter of the founder and her husband Aaron Mills, own and operated the business with as much passion as Mr. Hackworth.

 Interestingly, Dunbar Printing and Graphics has seen many trends come and go in the printing industry over the past half century but found success in excellent business principals.  ‘The customer is most important and every job is different and should be treated that way’, established William Hackworth.  It comes down to the fact that printing is in our DNA, we love printing and customers.

Larry Hackworth, son of William, was the second to run the business.  He reinvested in the company through many technological trends in the 1980’s and 1990’s keeping the business relevant within the industry.  During this time our company maintained the founding principals of William Hackworth which is why we are still thriving today.

“When the age of the internet became a reality we understood this as an opportunity to share our business with more people.”

Larry Hackworth. Circa 1990’s

You may find many printing companies on the internet but we hope you find Dunbar Printing and Graphics your favorite.  We are not a ‘canned’ web printing company like others.  We  work well with your custom printed designs, ideas and we work with budgets. For many folks it’s hard to find a reputable local printer so we hope you find us your local printer no matter where you are in the USA.

Jeannie and Aaron added mailing services and graphics such as signs, banners and most recently vehicle wraps and graphics. We continue to strive to fulfill custom printing, improving our services when newer technology is available, keep focus on our environmental responsible, and working hard to connect with our customers. The goal has always been to serve you with the highest possible service and quality products.

Jeannie, Larry and Aaron.

Our plan is to invest in this website.  There will be educational ‘How to’ videos, our thoughts and ideas will be found in our blogs and most importantly to make it usable for you to order printing online.  Please keep checking in with us as we add more services available at this website.  If you have your own custom printing then call us, talk with us, and ask because we may not have everything available on this website.

Thank you for visiting. God Bless.