Did it ever occur to you that your mailman can be your best SALESMAN?

What is the most direct means to getting your message or advertisement to your specific target audience? Simply by handing it to them in person, of course. However, we can’t actually drive around and find every person and do that.

The next closest means is mailbox. The mailman delivers the mail personally daily and people check their mailbox everyday.  Furthermore, here’s what I call the ‘mail moment’ which is unique because people set special time aside to ‘go thru’ the mail. They are mentally engaged. You have their full attention unlike a billboard when they are driving past or when someone is browsing the internet with their mind focused on another subject and that subject is not wanting to see your ad at the moment.

“It only takes a small budget to get Big results

Dunbar Printing & Graphics can assist you in direct mail marketing.  The advantages are the savings.  For the cost in postage would pay we could mail for less than that in most cases. There are several options available from Directly mailing to your customer list to Every Door Direct Mail via the postman, also known as EDDM.

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