Save Your Hometown Business

It starts with ECONOMY 101

Spending money on local business is PATRIOTIC to your local community. I wonder where patriotism to our local community is these days?  We need it to create local jobs and tax revenue for our local government.

Consider how politicians raise taxes then complain when local business prices are higher than on the internet. In return both local people and politicians shop for cheaper prices and spend money to out of state business. This hurts the LOCAL ECONOMY.

Think about cause and effect.  Buying cheaper may save you a few bucks in the short run but what is the effect on your local economy?  Your hometown business will eventually go where the money is and if you keep spending it away from your local community then mom and pop will close up.  They will move to another state, pay taxes and run their business there.  Ironically, it might be the  state where you buy your stuff from online.

This buying behavior is why West Virginia and local cities are drying up. However, with knee jerk reactions due to a dying economy is to raise taxes while folks keep buying products from outside the community is killing driving the nail in local business.

REMEMBER, raising taxes also raises prices.

Now, what happens to local economies after a local business shuts down? Tax money coming into our local governments also go away. Remember the $1 saved today kills the local economy in the future which will turn your local city into a ghost town.

So, spend locally even if it costs more! You’re keeping the money in your hometown and state. This is how an ECONOMY is created and kept. ECONOMY 101

When folks are leaving your towns and state because of a dying economy the worst thing a government can do is PANIC and raise taxes to keep funding the SAME size government.  That’s the WRONG choice.

The key point is this: If the population shrinks then so should the local government to AVOID raising taxes on  our faithful local business. It is PATRIOTIC for local governments to refuse to raise taxes on their NEIGHBORS and NEIGHBOR’S BUSINESS!   Politicians are sent to represent their neighbors and their neighbors businesses NOT become and employee of the city with the same mindset as you are working for a company.

Next time you want to price shop remember: $1 spent out of state is $1 your local business didn’t get.