Postman: A Great Salesman!

Did it ever occur to you that your mailman is a GREAT SALESMAN?

What is the best means delivering your message or advertisement to your target audience? Simply by handing it to them in person. Of course we can’t actually drive around and find every person to do that.

When there is a need to advertise then we choose what is considered the best avenue which maybe ads on the billboards or television. Hours are spent deliberating which TV  channel and when would your target audience actually see the ad. Maybe you decide to put an ad on a billboard thinking you may reach your audience and others on certain roads.  Albeit, more hours are spent deliberating over the R. O. I. (Return on investment) on certain locations, roads and television channels hoping they see your ad but there’s no guarantee.

Okay, Millennial, I hear you. “That’s old generation X stuff!” you say. So you cleverly buy ads on the internet, spending the same kind of hours meditating with your expensive cup of coffee deciding how to get your audience to find your message. Wait! You just sounded like the “older generation” when you said that you hoped the target audience finds your message.

Remember the best way to delivery your ad or message is by handing it to them in person?  However, the next closest avenue is the mailbox. The mailman delivers the mail in person daily and people check their mailbox everyday.  Furthermore, here’s what I call the mail moment which is unique because people set special time aside to ‘go thru’ the mail. They are mentally engaged. You have their full attention unlike a billboard when they are driving past or when someone is browsing the internet with their mind focused on another subject and that subject is not wanting to see your ad at the moment.

With a small budget you can reach big results.

Over half of people studied actually purchase because of direct mail.

There has been research such as the DMA Response Rate Report 2015, along with a report published by Canada Post as well as True Impact Marketing which is a leading neuroscience research firm, illustrating that direct mail outperforms every digital marketing channel.

Also other surveys indicated that 65% of people who receive direct mail have made a purchase or engages in a different marketing channel as instigated by the sender.

There’s something special about touching the ad too! What they’ve discovered is a greater emotional processing involved with physical touch than virtual media. There are case studies illustrating that physical media “leaves a deeper footprint in the brain” producing “more brain responses connected with internal feelings” than virtual ads from the internet.
There is still something special about the touch sensory of the human body. You don’t use the touch sensory from billboards, internet ads or television ads.

When you look at market projects many indicate an increase in direct mailing because of these positive results.

Okay, I can give you tons of data and research but let’s not make this blog long, I need to stop soon so I can refill by coffee mug.

The point I want to make is that printing and direct mailing is very relevant in the world of marketing. Like I said before, you can’t personally hand your marketing ad in person to all of your audience but the next closest would be through the postal mailbox.  Be nice to your mail man.  Here’s how to picture direct mail: Picture in your mind that you are reaching your hand through your target audiences mailbox and handing it to them personally.

Please, call us here at Dunbar Printing and Graphics and we’ll talk about print and direct mail. We want to assist you in the success of reaching your target market. With a small budget you can reach big results.

Article by Aaron Mills